To Father, with Love

This past week I watched True Grit, the recent one, not the one with John Wayne.  A movie with that title has to be watched.

For the people who haven´t watched it, it´s the story of 14-year old Mattie Ross, who wants to avenge her father´s death by capturing his murderer, Tom Chaney. For that she hires a man with “true grit” , U.S. marshal Reuben, Rooster, Cogburn , and is also helped by a Texas ranger called LaBoeuf. I don´t mean  to spoil it, but Mattie is the one with true grit herself, and she ends up inspiring the men who were there to help her in the first place.

It´s not easy to lose a father, but I´m glad that, like Mattie Ross, I was left with enough to face life. I´m glad I had a father who was able to leave me love and courage by his example.  Although I was angry at death for taking him away, I was also thankful at life for having given me him as a father.

Some women are not so lucky, and it´s absolutely not their fault. Some men are not meant to be fathers. That´s all. They´ll hide when most needed, they´ll act as spoiled kings, they´ll beat up their children, they´ll kill them, in their rage.  The news are  full of them. From the man who threw his five year old daughter, alive, from the 6th floor to the one who shot his 18 year-old daughter to death to get the insurance money, there´s a whole list of abusers and killers.

Since today is Father´s Day here in this corner of the world, I´d like to say to all fathers with daughters who happen to stop by that you don´t need to be super heroes. You don´t need to be perfect, rich or handsome. You don´t even need to be young and successful.  But you need to be good enough. You need to be loving enough, and you need to be brave enough.

The best inheritance a girl can get from her dad is, after all, true grit.


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