Two Ways

“Two Ways” is my most recent Storybird for ages 4-6

Hope you enjoy it!



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9 responses to “Two Ways

  1. Your little book revealed something to the beautiful soul of this reader, at the moment of reading: that there are two or more personalities within his beautiful soul. Fortunately they both enjoyed the book, but for opposite reasons. No. 1 enoyed it for the simple message, amusing & well-matched illustrations & undoubted truth of the message.

    No. 2 enjoyed it in a curmudgeonly way, wanting to tear it to shreds and say spiteful things to its author. This same personality tried a thought experiment—of giving the book (if it were published on paper) to a 4-6 year old grandchild. I don’t have one such at present. They have all passed that age range, & are able to read for themselves. But the worst that No. 2 could come up with was this: that the child wouldn’t be ready to appreciate it in the same way as the adult. All the same it might be intelligent enough to spot that the illustrations seemed to be torn from different books and put into one. Which might inspire it to desecrate other books which already populated its nursery (including Two Ways) and form them into some new collage, and invent a story of its own devising. Which might launch a new writer (or possibly performance artist) upon the world, starting at an admirably early age.

    An excellent outcome in both cases.

    But then a no. 3 personality piped up, saying “Don’t forget me!” This one was a male chauvinist pig who drawled that a book of such manipulative sentimentality would (regrettably) appeal to women & girls exclusively; and no way would he consider giving it to a boy.

    Naturally, I keep no. 3 personality well-hidden. Usually.

  2. I’m glad of that, Luciana. It was sent as a compliment. I’ve always found something worth reacting to in your little books.

  3. Keiko, the link seems to be working. They did have website maintenance though. That might have been the problem.

    • Keiko Amano


      I wonder if it is only me. I got this message.

      Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to
      Try reloading: storybird.­com/­books/­two-­ways/­
      Search on Google:

      Then, when I reload the above address, I see page not found, and when I cut and paste the name in google search, I find your name and Luciana’s Ocean. I’m in a circle. Yesterday, I tried it on my cell phone and saw the story bird site, but the letters to each picture were like tiny dots. I couldn’t read at all.

      Maybe you can publish it on CLH and I can read it.

  4. Keiko Amano


    I clicked storybird site and typed “two-ways” and finally arrived at your site. Whew! Well, I was surprised. It was so short, much shorter than I expected. Yesterday, I saw five or six pictures, so I expected more to it. Today, I see the same multiple pictures on righthand side. Those are your different poems, right?

    Okay, now it makes sense. Yes, it is definitely two ways relationship!
    I love it.

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